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Commercial Christmas Light Installation Glastonbury CT

Make your business shine with our Glastonbury Commercial Christmas light installation

One of the best things about living and working in a city during the holidays is all of the Christmas displays! It’s a popular pastime for families to drive around and look at the Christmas lights hanging from the houses in their neighborhood – but neighborhoods aren’t the only places with amazing displays to gaze at. 

Some business owners might hesitate from enlisting our Glastonbury commercial Christmas light installation service – simply because there are so many other businesses around that have displays up. However, that’s exactly the reason why you need a commercial Christmas lighting display of your own! We won’t just hang a few lights and call it a day. We’ll make you a spectacular display that stands out from the rest with professional and elegant lights. 

Benefits of Glastonbury Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Increased Revenue

Studies have been conducted to see exactly how Commercial Christmas light installation affects customers. Golden Corral, a popular restaurant chain, performed a split-test among its restaurants during the Christmas season. They found that the restaurants where they hung Christmas lights actually made more money than their restaurants with no Christmas lights. It doesn't take a rocket scientists to know the benefits when you see them!

Employee Happiness

It’s pretty hard to be in a bad mood when you’re around a beautiful Christmas display. This isn’t just what we think - it’s actually been proven. The Journal of Environmental Psychology performed a study and found that Christmas decor stimulate neural pathways in people who see them. This means that not only will your employees be happier, but your customers will as well. You'll attract more people to your business and keep them smiling.

We Serve Businesses Through The Whole Tri-State Area

If you own a business in Glastonbury, commercial Christmas light installation can greatly benefit your business. If you’re unsure if a Christmas display would appeal to your customers, these are just a few of the businesses that love Christmas lighting in the whole Tri-State Area.

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Spas
  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Workspaces
  • Shopping centers
  • Small businesses
  • Public/government buildings
  • Car dealerships

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. Whatever your commercial space is, we know a way to give you the best Christmas lighting service in Glastonbury.

Whats needed For Christmas Lighting in The Tri-State Area?

Maybe you’ve tried to put up Christmas lights before, and therefore you know how difficult it can be. Have you ever tried to create an entire custom Christmas display, however? ‘Difficult’ doesn’t even cover it. If you don’t hire the best Christmas lighting experts in the Tri-State area here are just a few things you’ll have to handle yourself:


Finding quality lights that can handle all the snow that Glastonbury sees can be tough. Not only that finding commercial grade, professional lighting is nearly impossible durring the holiday season.


No matter how good the Christmas lights are, bulbs might go out, or weather may interfere with your display. This isn’t something you want to deal with when it’s snowing outside, but no worries, we take care of it all for you!


If you’re not a Christmas light installation expert, troubleshooting can be confusing. Most people don’t have much experience working with Christmas lights since they’re only displayed once a year.

Take Down

At the end of the season, we’re all a bit exhausted. Taking the Christmas lights down is often not a priority - which means we often see Christmas displays that are up until Easter. Let us take this off of your plate.


If you do manage to find high-quality lights that will last through the winter, you’ll find that they cost a lot more than the lights you can find at your local corner store. While we do use the highest quality lights, our customers don’t have to fork over the money for them. We buy Christmas lights in bulk, and lease them out included in our service cost.


In cities like Glastonbury CT, the majority of the buildings are more than one story tall. If you’re planning on installing Christmas lights past the first story, you’ll need safety equipment such as a safety ladder or maybe roof anchors. You’ll also want to make sure that the Christmas lights you choose are highly rated in order to avoid fires.

Power Balancing

One of the most important factors while installing Christmas lights is making sure that the circuits in your commercial space are balanced. If you accidentally put too much stress on them, you’ll lose power. This can be tricky to know how much you can and cannot use but our trained professionals will take care of all of this for you.


Anyone can throw up a string of Christmas lights and be done - but that’s not what makes a memorable display. What you see when you’re up on the ladder stringing lights and what you see when you’re on the ground are two completely different things. It’s important to make small adjustments until the display looks perfect.

Since there’s so much that goes into putting up Christmas lights, many business owners shy away from it. Luckily for our Tri-State customers in Glastonbury, commercial Christmas light installation is our specialty.

New Customers Get $50 Off!

Glastonbury Commercial Christmas Light Installation Experts

If you’re a business owner and you’d like to amaze your customers, we’re the team for you! Here are just a few reasons why business owners keep coming back to us year after year!

Custom Designs

If you’d like us to make a completely customized Christmas display for your place of business, we’d be delighted to do so. Some business owners, however, already have an idea in mind of how they’d like the display to look. If you’d like us to follow a design that you’ve created, we can do that as well.

Light Durability

The Christmas lights that we use are the best in the business. These lights are made to withstand many harsh winters.

Smart Lighting

With Glastonbury being more and more eco-friendly, it’s important to keep that going around the holidays. Your Christmas lights don’t have to stay on 24/7 anymore. We have the ability to install ‘smart lighting,’ which means that we can schedule your Christmas lights to turn on and off at certain times each day. No more questioning whether you turned the lights off when you go home at night!


As we’ve touched on before, sometimes bulbs go out and sometimes squirrels knock lights down. The good news though is that you won’t have to worry about it! Just give us a call and we’ll be there right away to fix it - no matter what the problem is.

Light Removal

Let us know when you’d like your Christmas display taken down and we’ll be there. Another benefit to this is that you no longer have to find the room to store Christmas lights for an entire year!


Great Christmas lights cost money. If you hire us, however, you don’t have to pay the high costs. We buy Christmas lights in bulk since we create so many displays every year. This means that we can charge you a lot less than it would cost you to buy the lights outright!

The bottom line is: We care about our customers. If there’s ever an issue with your Christmas light display, just let us know. You can count on us to fix the problem, no matter what it is!

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